The Base is a Christian training center or hub created to equip, instruct, mobilize, and send people into destiny. We are focused on pursuing the heart of the Father for our individual lives, as a faith community and our primary mission field of Des Moines and the state of Iowa. This is expressed practically in our gatherings by creating a safe place where people can have authentic encounters with God and His tangible presence. In His presence is fullness of joy, healing, strength and every other answer that we as people could ever need. He alone is able and worthy. We don't force a rigid checklist or schedule when we meet, but are more interested in trying our best to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allow God to move in our midst. We encourage a creative environment for expression of the arts, song writing, writing, and developing of spiritual gifting.

The Message, Mission,  Vision and Movement

The Message is authentic Christianity

The message is revelatory and designed to create authentic expressions of Christianity. This approach also has created a community of believers who carry that message. This comes by unveiling the hidden mysteries in God’s Word with understanding. The message is expressed in original songs, artwork, written books, and blogs. The life-giving flow of the message has created a following across the nation. 

The Mission is to love and equip people for mission.

We see the need for everyone to have a solid individual identity in God to properly grow and function. God has created you as a unique and wonderfully made person with specific attributes. We see part of our role is to help you find that identity and discover who God has made you to be and how to use your life, gifts, and passions to know and glorify Him. Our desire is to help enable every believer to be able to go on mission of some kind to bring Kingdom Culture into life surrounding them. We provide opportunities for you to explore your gifts and watch yourself move in strengths you knew were there and maybe even some you did not know existed. Your life and identity are important to God and His Body. Our hope is to share our lives while relentlessly pursuing God together in community.

The Vision is spiritual awakening

We are continually believing and contending for a great move of God to sweep across our state and nation. Our part to play is to back this belief in prayer and on a practical level, invest in one heart at a time. We desire to see the people of God as a united, vibrantly alive family that works together to impact culture and society with Biblical, Kingdom based principles while modeling the teachings of Christ. Our hope is to be a catalyst to fuel the development and unity of the Body to then be a cultural force that awakens even more hearts to touch the culture around them.

The Movement is connection in relationships

We are focused on advancing the Kingdom of God and want to build strong relationships with those who have the same desires. Everything is done by and through relationships, an ongoing sharing of hearts. A community that honors and esteems one another. A people connected by purpose. A place of belonging because of a larger vision than ourselves, requiring each other for success. Relationships are far reaching across the nation and even overseas.

What To Expect

Our Saturday night gathering starts at 6PM. It's a great idea is to come early around 5PM to grab some coffee and snacks , but more importantly to meet some friendly people.

In our current season, we have branded these nights "Pursue" as our only agenda is to Pursue the Father's Heart. Service typically lasts a few hours and can consist of prayer, modern worship, sermons, testimonies, personal ministry time and no two services are exactly the same.

It is a casual, family friendly environment and everyone is welcome to come no matter your story or condition of your faith walk.  We would love to meet you and explore the depths of God's love together. 

Why is it called the Base?

It is a combination of  simply shortening Jubilee International Ministries ministry base to The Base and to be a  Base camp for people to be trained and be sent out.  We also see it as the desire to ascend the mountain of the Lord and the metaphor of how climbing a mountain is a process. Ascending when we gather in worship, in our relationship with God, in understanding, in the fruit of the Spirit, in spiritual gifts, and in growth as people.  

Isaiah 2:3 "... Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths..."



SATURDAY NIGHTS         : :   6PM   : :   Main weekly gathering 

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